We hear about it on the news, and many of us have experienced it firsthand: car crashes claiming the lives of young people. We hear them being called, “accidents,” and think gloomily, “Accidents happen…another day, another tragedy.” Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States – ahead of all other types of injury, disease, or violence.


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 Contributing to the risk for this age group (18-24), is that the part of the brain which controls impulse inhibition, decision making, and judgment is not fully developed until the early to mid-20's.  That may explain why young adults are more likely than their older counterparts to be impulsive and not consider the costs of engaging in a potentially dangerous behavior behind the wheel  

DRIVE SMART Young Adults


At any age, we need to ask ourselves: Am I a safe driver? Driving is a privilege which provides independence and empowerment; something we all want to experience forever. We also want to be responsible and safe drivers, protecting ourselves and others on the road.

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Drive Smart of the Rockies is excited to introduce our improved Volunteer Program!  Over the years, we have had numerous volunteers put in countless hours at various  events throughout the year. And – without you – these events would not have been possible!

DRIVE SMART Volunteers!

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