Child Passenger Safety:

I …really, really, really wanted to say THANK YOU!!!
Thank you for blessing us with the car seats!!!!! We feel so much better knowing that those old seats that were in our truck are out of circulation, and our most precious possessions are SAFER!! This is because YOU blessed us in a time of need. We have been grateful every day for those seats.
My husband and 2 girls were driving on I-70 when they were hit by a truck… No one was hurt. Anyway, I had reinstalled – all by myself – a car seat minutes before they left …. I remembered all that you had taught me about how to secure the seat properly. Had you not gone over that with me, I don’t think I would have got it installed correctly. The car is totaled. My precious family is SAFE. ….I felt so good going to Target and fitting my girls in the appropriate seats – because you taught me how to fit them!!! My thanks to YOU are endless. The knowledge that you and the other lovely ladies who came to our MOPS group gave our Moms – is honestly priceless! I feel like … this should be an annual thing. All of us Moms mean well, but we just don’t know some of these things – like the fact that seats expire, and how kids should be fitted, and how to install the seats, and check to check them regularly.
THANK YOU from the bottom of ALL of our hearts.
All our love and thanks, D S A & T

Teen Motor Vehicle Safety Programs

From Evergreen High graduate beginning freshman year at college:
…. I just wanted to tell you that being at college with all these different people gives me perspective on how I grew up, and how privileged I was. People here talk about how in their towns, it was the norm to drink and drive, and that in their high school someone would die every couple months due to reckless driving. I just wanted you to know this, because I did not feel that this was normal at all in Evergreen. This was the opposite of them! We were taught that drinking and driving is so wrong, by Drive Smart. Throughout high school I do not know one person at my school who was killed due to driving. People out here think that is so weird, but I wanted you to know that you guys as an organization are doing a great job! Thank you! S.W.

Ice Fest

As a resident of the Upper Bear Creek area, I would like to congratulate Drive Smart, EPRD, and the Jeffco Sheriff Dept. on having an outstandingly successful event at the Lakehouse on New Year’s Eve. … as spectacular as one could get. Record attendance, winter break, winter driving conditions, fireworks, New Year’s Eve drivers and celebrators, and a totally successful parking solution with the cooperation and coordination of the above mentioned parties. THANK YOU so much! What a lovely evening! And how pleasant it was for those of us whose main ingress and egress is driving by the Lakehouse. …DRIVE SMART has taught us all how these large events can also include a PARK SAFE solution.