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Yes!  Skate the Lake is on this year!!   Become a Sponsor

Skate the Lake is DRIVE SMART’s primary fundraiser, providing much needed resources for our transportation safety programs.  With your sponsorship of this signature event, we will be able to continue our mission to keep our communities safe and to save lives by preventing traffic-related fatalities and injuries.

Yes!Planning has been in process for months.

We want you to know that DRIVE SMART and Evergreen Parks and Recreation District are working hard to make this year’s event double the fun.

Yes!We are crossing all our fingers and toes for cold and freezing temperatures leading up to December 31st.

We’ve also made plans for a great evening of family fun at the Lake House no matter what the weather might bring!


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New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Boston has nothing on Evergreen when it comes to fireworks!



Spend your New Year’s Eve on Evergreen Lake, one of CNN’s Top 10 most beautiful ice skating rinks.




As a resident of the Upper Bear Creek area, I would like to congratulate Drive Smart, EPRD, and the Jeffco Sheriff Dept. on having an outstandingly successful event at the Lakehouse on New Year’s Eve. … as spectacular as one could get. Record attendance, winter break, winter driving conditions, fireworks, New Year’s Eve drivers and celebrators, and a totally successful parking solution with the cooperation and coordination of the above mentioned parties. THANK YOU so much! What a lovely evening! And how pleasant it was for those of us whose main ingress and egress is driving by the Lakehouse. …DRIVE SMART has taught us all how these large events can also include a PARK SAFE solution.  –  S.S.


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