Driver Education Scholarships

In 2017 DRIVE SMART, through the generosity of our partners Drive Safe driving school and the Brandon & Paul Foundation, was able to award 7 students with driver’s education scholarships. These scholarships offer driver’s education classes to students who, due to financial or other circumstances, would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend.


Learning to drive is a major rite of passage for teens and their parents. It’s a time of exciting possibilities and achievements.  It’s also a time of increased risk and concern. Research has shown there is a direct correlation between a teen drivers lack of driving experience and an increase of traffic crashes resulting in injuries or death.


Drivers education courses can help mitigate these risks by providing students’ with knowledge of the mechanics of operating a vehicle, information on current traffic laws, an understanding of how to interact within the driving environment, and  improvement to decision-making skills.

While drivers’ education courses have been proven to reduce car crashes, they alone are not enough. Parents and guardians also play an important role in teaching their children to drive. Being a positive role model while driving, scheduling sufficient behind the wheel practice time with your child, and clear boundaries and responsibilities for the new driver will all help to create a safe and positive experience for everyone.

DRIVE SMART is proud to partner with Drive Safe Driving School again this year for our driver’s education scholarship program! Since 1996, DRIVE SMART has awarded over 200 driver’s education scholarships to high school students!      303 721-8881

DriveSafe Comprehensive Safe Driver Program-includes:

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction
  • Learner’s permit test
  • 6 hours of private driving lessons
  • Defensive skills day
  • Driver’s license test

A great way to learn to be a safe and responsible driver.

DRIVE SMART Driver’s Education Scholarship essay excerpt:

“Since I have moved down here, almost two years ago, I have seen more car crashes and crosses on the side of the road than the amount I’ve seen in my whole life before moving here…this either shows that the drivers don’t know what they’re doing or it shows how dangerous the roads are.”

Scholarship application forms are available to download online, OR copies will be available in the guidance offices of Evergreen, Conifer, Dakota Ridge, Clear Creek, and Platte Canyon High Schools in February 2017.