Child Passenger Safety

Drive Smart is a FIT Station for CPS Team Colorado. We educate parents,
grandparents and caregivers about Child Passenger Safety.


Three out of four parents think their child is in the right car seat, but they are not.  Motor vehicle injuries represent the leading cause of death among children age 3–14 years old in the U.S. (Source: NHTSA, 2008 data). Many of these deaths can be prevented. Placing children in age- and size-appropriate car seats and booster seats reduces serious and fataIMG_3032l injuries by more than half.

Drive Smart is dedicated to keeping kids safe on Colorado roadways, we provide car seats and booster seats to families in need; to date we have given out over 350 car seats & booster seats.

If you are interested in having your car seat checked, or in need of assistance in acquiring a car seat, please email Toni at or call 303-674-9683 to make an appointment. For more information on Colorado’s car seat safety program, please visit
Click the image below to learn more about the Ultimate Car Seat Guide:



More community members are needed to take an active role in car seat installation. To view a video of why this training is so important, please visit:   Resource:

I …really, really, really wanted to say THANK YOU!!!
Thank you for blessing us with the car seats!!!!! We feel so much better knowing that those old seats that were in our truck are out of circulation, and our most precious possessions are SAFER!! This is because YOU blessed us in a time of need. We have been grateful every day for those seats.
My husband and 2 girls were driving on I-70 when they were hit by a truck… No one was hurt. Anyway, I had reinstalled – all by myself – a car seat minutes before they left …. I remembered all that you had taught me about how to secure the seat properly. Had you not gone over that with me, I don’t think I would have got it installed correctly. The car is totaled. My precious family is SAFE. ….I felt so good going to Target and fitting my girls in the appropriate seats – because you taught me how to fit them!!! My thanks to YOU are endless. The knowledge that you and the other lovely ladies who came to our MOPS group gave our Moms – is honestly priceless! I feel like … this should be an annual thing. All of us Moms mean well, but we just don’t know some of these things – like the fact that seats expire, and how kids should be fitted, and how to install the seats, and check to check them regularly.
THANK YOU from the bottom of ALL of our hearts.
All our love and thanks, – D S A & T


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